Create royalty free music for social media posts

Signals And Sorcery can produce original music within minutes. A great use case for the music is social media posts. Were going to learn how to download a generic audio file that can be used on any platform. Then we will learn how to upload your original music to TIKTOK.

  1. First, lets create some music. Go to the composer view and drag audio clips onto the grid. Once you're happy with the way it sounds simply click the MP3 export button. That will directly download a file to your computer. For many use cases such as YOUTUBE posts this file is all you need!

  2. TikTok requires a few extra simple steps. Lets walk through those now.

  3. You already have the exported audio on your computer but TikTok wants it to be in a video format. A quick way to convert it on Mac is open iMovie, import the audio file, then file/share as email. This will send a `.mov` file to the email specified (likely yourself?)

  4. In TikTok, add your new `.mov` video (containing your music) as a regular upload post.

  5. Go to your profile view. You should see your new post in the gallery. Click it.

  6. In the bottom right you will see your profile image spinning like a record. Click it.

  7. TikTok automatically strips the audio from the video. You should see a button labeled: "Use this sound"

  8. When you click the "Use this sound" button it will allow you to make a new post using your newly uploaded music!

How do I download a Sample collection?

First, go to the marketplace. In the marketplace you will see collections represented by cards. Clicking a card will load it in the player and allow you to preview the collection. If you want to download the audio and midi files to use in your project click the 'buy' button on the card. This will add it to your collections. From there you will see a download icon in the collect details view.

How do I upload my own sample collections?

SignalsAndSorcery is an open platform and exposes the tools used to create the samples available to users. If a user is interested in creating their own sample collections they have that option.

  1. First, create an account: Signin or Signup.

  2. Generate and download a template here.

  3. Setup your local music environment:

    1. Install REAPER DAW

    2. Configure Reaper Actions and SWS tools following these instructions

    3. Download and Install the Signals & Sorcery Import and Export reaper actions found here: import and export

  4. To 'import' your downloaded template:

    1. Unzip the compressed template

    2. Run the SignalsAndSorcery Reaper import Action and select the mrtap-source.csv found in your unzipped template.

  5. To 'export' finished sample library run the SignalsAndSorcery Reaper export Action

  6. To 'upload' your sample library to SignalsAndSorcery:

    1. Zip the exported sample directory. Do not alter the contents.

    2. Create, name, and describe your library HERE.

    3. Next upload the zipped library to the newly created library (which you just named).

    4. Finally, click the 'publish' button to make your library available to the community!