What is this?

Signals & Sorcery is a massive curated, audio loop library, comprised of algorithmic & AI generated content.

My name Steve Hiehn, I'm the creator of this app. I've been into music ever since acquiring my first guitar in the early 90's. I became a software engineer for practical reasons but naturally explored the intersection of art/music & computers. Around 2015 I began experimenting will chord & melody generation using Neural Nets. The results were certainly mixed, but even with those primitive experiments it became clear to me that AI will play a big role in the future of music. Fast forward to 2020's. AI has gone mainstream. I've decided to collect all learnings and experiments and put them under one umbrella name `Signals & Sorcery`. The intention of this project is to become a resource and tool for music producers and creative coders.

How exactly are the loops created?

The answer to this is evolving daily but as of writing this, these are the main sources:

  1. - Manually created loops from a DAW. e.g drum programming
  2. - Procedural MIDI generation from custom algorithms. e.g arpeggios/chord progressions
  3. - Procedural permutations of (original audio/midi) with custom algorithms. e.g rule based splicing/pitch shifting/time stretching etc
  4. - Cherry-Picked AI experiments with Audio Diffusion
  5. - Cherry-Picked AI experiments with Audio Style transfer

Note: All source audio and training material is ORIGINAL OR CREATIVE COMMONS licenced

Native DAW Plugin!

All of the audio/midi content is accessible via a free native DAW plugin!

Web Audio Interface!

All of the audio/midi content is also accessible via a VueJS/WebAudioApi powered web app free web interface!


All of the audio/midi content is also accessible via a HTTP/REST API!

Samples are royalty free!

All of the SignalsAndSorcery stock samples are 100% royalty free. The samples and loops are efficiently created using algorithms and AI but are curated and approved by a human :) When you download a sample you can download both the audio and the MIDI so you can use your own awesome synths and effects!

SignalsAndSorcery is increasing an Open Source platform!

If you are a web developer and want to improve or modify the app, please do. The code is opensource and licensed as GPL3 which essentially means you can do anything you want provided you keep your version open source. The web app is built with VueJS (the composition api) and leverages the WebAudioAPI to perform browser based DAW operations such as merging audio and applying fx.

Tutorial and Blogs

Blog posts: HERE.

Tutorials: HERE.

Feedback, Bugs & Feature Requests

Please vist the Discord change to report & discuss: feedback, bugs, feature requests, road map and general discussion. DISCORD CHANNEL.